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With the amount of buzz around cognitive fatigue, mental fatigue, and brain training, it can be hard to decipher the most relevant information from the hype. This course will clear up any confusion and provides answers to the most common questions in this area.

BET Basics

The first stop for those who are new to Brain Endurance Training.

  • Curious about all the hype? Get the real facts about Brain Endurance Training from the leaders in the industry.

  • Discover the many proven benefits BET has to offer those in high performance sport.

  • Explore the sample BET plans and see for yourself how easy it is to integrate these into a training regime.

  • Begin your BET journey and find out how to get started with our technology.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Brain Endurance Training Mini Course

    • Introduction

    • Are you a coach or an athlete?

  • 2

    Understanding exactly how BET makes you better at your sport

    • Understanding exactly how BET makes you better at your sport

    • How Brain Endurance Training (BET) transfers to athletic performance.

    • Who's using our Technology

    • How the tech works

    • What does the tech measure?

    • What does Soma NPT look like?

    • What does Soma Analytics look like?

    • What is Soma NPT?

    • What is Soma Analytics?

    • Brain Endurance Training vs Control

    • Getting Started

    • Brain Endurance Training Blog

  • 3

    What is Brain Endurance Training (BET)

    • What is Brain Endurance Training (BET)

    • The Influence of cognitive load on performance

    • How does BET make an Athlete better in their Sport?

    • Dr Staiano PhD, MSc, CPS | Cognitive training specifically designed to increase your resilience.

    • Does the drill need to replicate the game exactly? for instance pictures of footballs or basketballs rather than shapes.

    • How do you know BET is working?

    • Aren’t they just getting better at the test/drill?

How does the test/drill transfer?

    • How is tapping on a iPad/iPhone going to really improve sports skills?

    • Can an Athlete just do 1 min sets ONLY? Why do they need some LONG duration BET?

    • Why is all the research around mental fatigue with long duration tests/drills?

    • Why is perception of effort such a big deal?

    • What does BET actually do for my sport and is it only working for endurance athletes?

    • How is Soma NPT validated ?

    • The Psychobiological model

    • What actually generates the sense of effort?

    • The limit to exercise tolerance in humans: Mind over muscle?

    • Mental fatigue impairs physical performance in humans

    • Impact of 4-week Brain Endurance Training (BET) on Cognitive and Physical Performance in Professional Football Players

    • The cardinal exercise stopper: Muscle fatigue, muscle pain or perception of effort?

    • Kayaking performance is altered in mentally fatigued young elite athletes

    • Neural Correlates of Perception of Effort: A Brain Imaging Study

    • Mental Fatigue Research

  • 4

    Neuro ID | Plans

    • Neuro ID Plans | Introduction

    • Neuro ID | Strength

    • Neuro ID | Power

    • Neuro ID | Hybrid

    • Neuro ID | Cardio

  • 5

    Brain Endurance Training PDF Handouts

    • Brain Endurance Training PDF Handouts | The Benefits of Brain Endurance Training (BET)

    • Brain Endurance Training PDF Handouts | The Effect of Mental Fatigue on Performance

    • Brain Endurance Training PDF Handouts | How Mental Fatigue can affect athletic performance

    • Brain Endurance Training PDF Handouts | BET vs Control Research

    • Brain Endurance Training PDF Handouts | When your competition starts to break you don't

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