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For over a decade, research has shown the negative effects mental fatigue has on sporting performance. The problem was, until now, we had no real solution for it. Sport is moving quickly. This mini-course​ is designed to have you up to the play with what mental fatigue is, how it affects your competition, and what you can do about it.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Brain Endurance Training Mini Course

    • Introduction
  • 2

    What is Brain Endurance Training (BET)

    • What is Brain Endurance Training (BET)
    • The Influence of cognitive load on performance
    • Dr Staiano PhD, MSc, CPS | Cognitive training specifically designed to increase your resilience.
    • How does BET make an Athlete better in their Sport?
    • Does the drill need to replicate the game exactly? for instance pictures of footballs or basketballs rather than shapes.
    • How do you know BET is working?
    • Aren’t they just getting better at the test/drill?
How does the test/drill transfer?
    • How is tapping on a iPad/iPhone going to really improve sports skills?
    • Can an Athlete just do 1 min sets ONLY? Why do they need some LONG duration BET?
    • Why is all the research around mental fatigue with long duration tests/drills?
    • Why is perception of effort such a big deal?
    • What does BET actually do for my sport and is it only working for endurance athletes?
    • How is Soma NPT validated ?
    • Brain Endurance Training | Medium
    • Mental Fatigue Research
  • 3

    Understanding exactly how BET makes you better at your sport

    • Understanding exactly how BET makes you better at your sport
    • Who's using our Technology
    • How the tech works
    • What does the tech measure?
  • 4

    Getting started with Brain Endurance Training

    • What is Soma NPT?
    • What is Soma Analytics?
    • What does the on-boarding course cover?
    • How do I get started?
    • After the on-boarding course how can I keep up-skilling?
    • Get Started with the full on-boarding course
  • 5


    • FAQ's
  • 6

    Neuro ID | Plans

    • Neuro ID Plans | Introduction
    • Neuro ID | Strength
    • Neuro ID | Power
    • Neuro ID | Hybrid
    • Neuro ID | Cardio

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